Sunday, June 26, 2011

Highlights from Briefing-

Excited volunteers meet their youth counterparts on the last day of briefing.

Project staff prepare for their introductory skit.

Project Staff practice their dance moves before performing for the volunteers.

Volunteers Cooper and Josue pose with their new friends.

Supervisor Eliza and five Honduran volunteers from La Paz, all excited to go to their communities.

Senior Project Supervisor Chloe is thrilled to meet all of the volunteers for the first time.

Grace and Jen with their community counterparts, getting ready to head to Chiligatoro.

A short power outage allowed us all to have a candlelight dinner.

Volunteers and youth counterparts play a game to break the ice.

Supervisor Kyla waits patiently in a taxi to head back to Staff House.

The volunteers in Supervisor Matt's route get a little silly before heading to community.