Sunday, July 31, 2011

A lil' story.

Once upon a time, Nicholas needed to take his Malaria meds. He decided that he would take it with breakfast, as it stated that it was required on the bottle. Among the Amigos vols., it is common knowledge that Malaria pill is not known for its good taste. Because of this, he decided that he would down it with a spoonful of beans that was provided on his plate. Upon doing this he realized that he would not be able to swallow this with his fresco. As there was no other solution then chewing the beans with the pill, he decided to try anyway. This was a bad idea. The Malaria burst open with powdered dust. This tasted terrible. To get the taste removed from his mouth he ate a large spoonful of rice. This made it worse, as the rice was still smoldering from being cooked. The taste plagued him for several minutes as he inhaled the food on his plate (except for the rice). Little did he know that later in that day (lunch time) that his supervisor would make him eat all of his crema, to make matters worse.

Highlights from Week 5!

Sav's Route!

Love from Jen & Grace.

It’s been quite an eventful week in Chiligatoro. For one, we learned how to move cows from one mountain side to another. Our only close encounter occurred when one of our cows (the black one with really pointy horns) attacked someone else’s cow that was tied up on the side of the road. Luckily for us our host grandma stepped in with a machete to restore order. No cow was injured in the process. Another highlight of the week:  the water pipes connecting the water tank to the entire community of Chiligatoro broke, leaving its inhabitants with no running water for 5 days. Being the tough and flexible Amigos Vols. that we are, we ventured down to the local stream to bathe. Due to our positive outlook and the shining sun, the experience was quite enjoyable. Jen had some run-ins with barbed wire, but we made it home clean, happy, and in one piece. Our host family found our river bath very amusing and they welcomed us home with hugs of hot milk. Thanks Amigos for these unforgettable experiences!

Jen & Grace

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekly Highlights from Route!

Sav's Route!

Choco Risas: 1 Lempira (every night)
Roll of Toilet Paper: 10 Lempira (at least once a week)
Sleep Talking in Spanish: Priceless.

*Just some words of advice from Kristy and Erica in San Fernando

Thursday, July 21, 2011

2011 Youth Fair!

Yesterday we celebrated our summer Youth Fair, bringing together 57 volunteers and over 200 youth counterparts and community members from all 25 different communities.  The purpose of the event was to offer a time to celebrate youth and the big impacts they are making in their communities here in Intibuca.  In addition to some fun group activities, like "The Big Wind Blows" and a relay race, volunteers and youth counterparts each presented a song, dance, skit, or poster to their peers, and shared stories of their projects and their experiences in their communities.  Overall, it was a fun event and volunteers and youth left feel re-energized and motivated for the remaining weeks of the project!
Volunteers Marissa and Ellie and their youth counterparts from Otatala.
Volunteers Kevin and Sonia pose with Associate Project Director Marissa at the youth fair.

Some silly skits brought giggles from the audience.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

An AMIGOS poem

From Sage in El Pahizlal - Week 2 in community

It has been 12 days plus one more
Since I have walked out my front door-
To leave for Honduras

(my Spanish to nourish)
and live with a family, no more

And here I have been for 9 days,
Barely accustomed to the Honduras way.

I eat beans every meal
But haven’t farted once (what’s the deal?)
And I have to admit, I am dazed.

The village I’m in is El Pahizlal
It’s a 30 minute hike up mountains tall.

Population 450
There’s no car, (people are thrifty)

And I have no a large house, but sweet and small.

Neither on electricity do we rely
But for light, we depend on the sky.

I use a wet latrine
(pour a bucket down to clean)
and the shower’s so cold that I’ll die

My family consists of seven,
As Evengelicals, they really love heaven.

There’s 3 little fellows under the age of 8
And two, 12 and 13, that are super great,
And already they feel like brethren.

My partner is named Kelly Wilson,
All contests of niceness she wins them.

We go to the school here each day
To talk about health and with kids play
(duck duck goose really winds them)

Things are new here, I often feel sad,
But if I eat not all my tortilla, my host mom feels bad.

So I keep my chin high,
And my eyes to the sky,
And thinking of my family, feel glad.

So I hope that you liked my note
And the bad rhymes haven’t gotten your goat.

You have my love always
(and your family likewise)

and I’d love to receive a note!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thursday, June 30, 2011

In their words...

Click the "read more" link below to read messages from AMIGOS Intibuca volunteers during their first week in their communities!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Highlights from Briefing-

Excited volunteers meet their youth counterparts on the last day of briefing.

Where's Waldo?

Amigos de las Americas Intibuca, Honduras Volunteers 2011

Volunteers and youth counterparts

"¡Cheque como Panqueque!" -Entire Intibuca Staff

A Few Last Words from the Vols.

So Where Are You Going?

How Do You Say It?

Briefing Site

The lovely briefing site was some 20 minutes in from the road, down a beautiful dirt path filled with cows, horses and farms for as far as you can see. The vols. really enjoyed the space full of beautiful art, tons of briefing, and some funny skits performed by yours truly: the Supervisors and Senior Staff-

Para Que Sepa-

Chloe (a.k.a Carmen) gives some words of advice: 

To Community and Beyond!

The vols. arrived in Teguc. this past Tuesday, we Supervisors were pretty darn stoked for them, and couldn't help but cheer, clap and scream as they came out of Customs and Baggage Claim..

They on the other-hand didn't have as much energy as we did after the long journey.

Monday, June 20, 2011


"My neighbor has three bunnies!" - Cute Little Boy in Jerry Maguire

Highlights from Survey

Chogola, San Fernando, Los Olivos y Santa Catarina

    Planning for briefing is tough! So we Supervisors took it upon ourselves to 'escape' Staff House and explore for a bit..

    Who wouldn't want to be a vol. with us?! We are super cute ;)

Meet the Supervisors!

Well here we are: (left to right) Florian, Kyla, Sav, Matt, Melanie and Eliza. 
Hope to meet you all soon vols!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Send Your Vol. a Letter!

[Volunteer Name]
Amigos de las Americas
c/o Save the Children
Barrio Llano de la Virgen
La Esperanza, Intibuca

Salud Ambiental y Salud Comunitaria

Welcome to: 
Intibucá, Honduras project of Amigos de las Americas 

This year our project focus is Salud Ambiental y Salud Comunitaria (Environmental and Community Health). Stay tuned for tid-bits from the vols., host families and the Supervisors.