Sunday, July 31, 2011

Love from Jen & Grace.

It’s been quite an eventful week in Chiligatoro. For one, we learned how to move cows from one mountain side to another. Our only close encounter occurred when one of our cows (the black one with really pointy horns) attacked someone else’s cow that was tied up on the side of the road. Luckily for us our host grandma stepped in with a machete to restore order. No cow was injured in the process. Another highlight of the week:  the water pipes connecting the water tank to the entire community of Chiligatoro broke, leaving its inhabitants with no running water for 5 days. Being the tough and flexible Amigos Vols. that we are, we ventured down to the local stream to bathe. Due to our positive outlook and the shining sun, the experience was quite enjoyable. Jen had some run-ins with barbed wire, but we made it home clean, happy, and in one piece. Our host family found our river bath very amusing and they welcomed us home with hugs of hot milk. Thanks Amigos for these unforgettable experiences!

Jen & Grace

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