Tuesday, July 19, 2011

An AMIGOS poem

From Sage in El Pahizlal - Week 2 in community

It has been 12 days plus one more
Since I have walked out my front door-
To leave for Honduras

(my Spanish to nourish)
and live with a family, no more

And here I have been for 9 days,
Barely accustomed to the Honduras way.

I eat beans every meal
But haven’t farted once (what’s the deal?)
And I have to admit, I am dazed.

The village I’m in is El Pahizlal
It’s a 30 minute hike up mountains tall.

Population 450
There’s no car, (people are thrifty)

And I have no a large house, but sweet and small.

Neither on electricity do we rely
But for light, we depend on the sky.

I use a wet latrine
(pour a bucket down to clean)
and the shower’s so cold that I’ll die

My family consists of seven,
As Evengelicals, they really love heaven.

There’s 3 little fellows under the age of 8
And two, 12 and 13, that are super great,
And already they feel like brethren.

My partner is named Kelly Wilson,
All contests of niceness she wins them.

We go to the school here each day
To talk about health and with kids play
(duck duck goose really winds them)

Things are new here, I often feel sad,
But if I eat not all my tortilla, my host mom feels bad.

So I keep my chin high,
And my eyes to the sky,
And thinking of my family, feel glad.

So I hope that you liked my note
And the bad rhymes haven’t gotten your goat.

You have my love always
(and your family likewise)

and I’d love to receive a note!

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