Thursday, July 21, 2011

2011 Youth Fair!

Yesterday we celebrated our summer Youth Fair, bringing together 57 volunteers and over 200 youth counterparts and community members from all 25 different communities.  The purpose of the event was to offer a time to celebrate youth and the big impacts they are making in their communities here in Intibuca.  In addition to some fun group activities, like "The Big Wind Blows" and a relay race, volunteers and youth counterparts each presented a song, dance, skit, or poster to their peers, and shared stories of their projects and their experiences in their communities.  Overall, it was a fun event and volunteers and youth left feel re-energized and motivated for the remaining weeks of the project!
Volunteers Marissa and Ellie and their youth counterparts from Otatala.
Volunteers Kevin and Sonia pose with Associate Project Director Marissa at the youth fair.

Some silly skits brought giggles from the audience.