Sunday, July 31, 2011

A lil' story.

Once upon a time, Nicholas needed to take his Malaria meds. He decided that he would take it with breakfast, as it stated that it was required on the bottle. Among the Amigos vols., it is common knowledge that Malaria pill is not known for its good taste. Because of this, he decided that he would down it with a spoonful of beans that was provided on his plate. Upon doing this he realized that he would not be able to swallow this with his fresco. As there was no other solution then chewing the beans with the pill, he decided to try anyway. This was a bad idea. The Malaria burst open with powdered dust. This tasted terrible. To get the taste removed from his mouth he ate a large spoonful of rice. This made it worse, as the rice was still smoldering from being cooked. The taste plagued him for several minutes as he inhaled the food on his plate (except for the rice). Little did he know that later in that day (lunch time) that his supervisor would make him eat all of his crema, to make matters worse.

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