Thursday, June 30, 2011

In their words...

Click the "read more" link below to read messages from AMIGOS Intibuca volunteers during their first week in their communities!

Olivia and Allison from San Jeronimo:

Olivia: Hi everyone! My name is Olivia and I am from the Tucson  Chapter of AMIGOS. The name of my community is San Jeronimo and it is in the mountains, so it’s pretty rural.  It is absolutely beautiful here- there are pine trees and coffee farms all over the place and the views from our community are stunning. It also rains almost every day.

We have electricity but we take bucket baths-, which is actually really fun! My partner and I have separate host families and I am living with a single mother whose children have all grown up and moved out so it’s just her and I in the house. It’s never lonely though because there are always people visiting us. She is also teaching me how to cook and how to wash my own clothes.  We are starting our educational activities this week and our CBI is already in the works- the youth have decided to build a bus stop on the outskirts of town.

I am really excited to be here and can’t wait to tell you more about my summer when I get back! I am happy, healthy, and safe and I hope everyone back home is doing well, I miss you guys!!

Hola! My name is Allison and I am a Correspondent Volunteer from Denver, Colorado. I am placed in a beautiful community called San Jeronimo. I am living with a wonderful family and have 30 host siblings (24 of those are farm animals though!). We have many chickens, roosters, horses, cats, bunnies, dogs and puppies and a few pigs. 

San Jeronimo is rich in typical Honduran culture, and on the first night in community I learned how to make the typical Honduran tortilla. While at first they didn’t turn out very round, my partner and I have taken every opportunity offered to improve and have gotten pretty good!

Furthermore, a local youth group was recently formed with more than 20 youth. They call themselves the “pequenos gigantes” which translates to the little giants. They have been a great resource for my partner and I in terms of getting to know the community. Hope all is well in the US and Mile High City, can’t wait to tell you all many more stories when I return in August.